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Generation 3- Republican Education 1776-1800

The American revolution sparked political feelings in colleges.  Republican education consisted of instilling selflessness, patriotism, and virtue into the students.  Enlightenment learning was also welcomed.  Theology also sought to accomodate the truths of science and reason.
The following states without colleges chartered new institutions:
  • Maryland (1782)
  • Georgia (1785)
  • South Carolina (1785)
  • North Carolina (1789)
  • Vermont (1791)

The University of Pennsylvania was created in 1791 by Benjamin Franklin when the College of Philadelphia merged with a public institution.  The college was designed to prepare students for lives in business and public service.

The University of the State of New York was created in the 1780s to counter conservative Columbia.  State officials were made trustees.  Unfortunately, enrollment did not keep up with population growth and the trend began to turn back to religion.  This was a religion of the heart, not of the head.